About us

The Greek Hospitality

There is no better trademark for Greek tourism than the prominent Greek Hospitality and the way that we celebrate it with our guests. It is common for us, when professionally speaking, not to use terms like units, tourists and structures; we are only talking about guests and accommodation. For us, in Daphne Suites, it is highly important to lead our guest to experience the full comfort of Greek Hospitality and gain a smile in return. Everything that counts is in complete reference to the human factor itself and the glorious moments of hospitality.

Know us better

Daphne's Senior Suite

The ultimate experience of a dreamy accommodation

The white colour palette and the discreet earthy touches are combined with the direct aesthetics of indoor decoration and harmoniously blend with the natural landscape that dominates the view of all the windows and the veranda. Senior Suite offers an unlimited view of the magnificent natural landscape.


The Location

Majestic landscapes, unique destinations

Just 6 km away from the center of Kavala and the port connecting to Thassos and the islands of the North and East Aegean Sea and 40 minutes from Kavala International Airport "Alexander the Great", with plenty of points of archaeological, cultural and natural interest, Daphne Suites underlie the best way to organise your wonderful holiday.


Daphne Suite

It feels like home

Daphne Suite is created in such a way, in order to make you feel like you spend a pleasure time at your home. This is our philosophy: We want to make you feel intimately connected with our environment; having the ultimate freedom of movement, to enjoy Greek hospitality in its most complete form. Here, the stay begins with a smile.