The Hosts

It is an honour to host you

Daphne Suites were created by the spirit of offering a significant part in what we call Greek Hospitality. It is both a personal and a professional code that requires hosts to honour their guests; a code that is inspired by the light of the summer and defined by the Greek traditions.

At Daphne Suites you know us by our name, and our goal is to gain even the hardest smile of joy.



Point to green

Daphne Suite consist of an autonomous suite 68 m2 with a distinct “character”, located in a total green and specially designed private area of ​​1000 m2, in total harmony with the natural colour palette of the landscape, with excellent functionality, in order to provide you with moments of relaxation and joy.

The surrounding area is dominated by the natural green colour palette, which complements the dominant blue colour of Palio Bay, and the golden sand, under the summer sun.

Your private entertainment

Enjoy the outdoor Barbeque

The outdoor barbeque completes the marvellous functionality of our garden, offering unique moments and a great potential for you to enjoy your lunch or your evenings at Daphne Suites.

In the details of functionality and comfort, both suites have the standard of complete autonomy. Air conditioning, integrated home appliances, TVs, and everyday convenience appliances, even for your coffee, are in place and ready to use.

Our spacious garden

1000 square meters for your pleasure

Daphne Suites do not end there where the white of the building ends. They continue in the green of the 1000 m2 private garden, which is ideally designed to offer you unique moments of relaxation in the shade of the trees and under the unique beauty of the summer night sky. The colourful feast on the green palette ends at the golden beach and the unique blue waters of the sea, just a few steps away, following the private road, which directly connects Daphne Suites to the beach.

Daphne Suite

It feels like home

Daphne Suite is created in such a way, in order to make you feel like you spend a pleasure time at your home. This is our philosophy: We want to make you feel intimately connected with our environment; having the ultimate freedom of movement, to enjoy Greek hospitality in its most complete form. Here, the stay begins with a smile.