Blue Beaches

15 Blue Flags close to you

Being a few steps away from the sea, there is no closer choice for a cool dip in the blue waters of Palio Bay. Moreover, the whole coastline of the Kavala’s Prefecture consists of unique beaches, with an extraordinary number of Blue Flag certification and organised facilities for a simple dive or something more extreme.


Historical monuments

The area is scattered with monuments of historical interest; from ancient Neapolis, to Byzantine Christoupolis and modern Kavala, these three names share a common and unbroken line of history.

The old town of Kavala, the archeological site of Philippi with the ancient theater and its inclusion in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites, the Roman Egnatia Via and the first European footsteps of Apostle Paul, up to the significant moments of Modern Greek History, are all there at a minimum distance, inviting you to discover them.


Entertainment & Food

Where the pulse of the day to meet the impulse of the night, the picturesque area of ​​Palio and the proximate cosmopolitan Kavala offer unique moments of fun and entertainment that will satisfy every desire of our visitors. From the picturesque tavernas to the bustle nightlife, there are always available choices for you.


Natural landscape

The beauty of the natural landscape can hardly be described. The mount Symvolo, on the one hand, adds the green tones and, on the other hand, the golden beaches and the deep blue sea, define the colour palette in every step at the Palio. Moreover, the unique variety of the natural landscape of the area includes points that had even acquired mythological features for their natural beauty; the land of the Muses at the cape across from the Daphne Suites, the mythical Pangeo Mountain and the Nestos River are few of these examples.

Daphne Suite

It feels like home

Daphne Suite is created in such a way, in order to make you feel like you spend a pleasure time at your home. This is our philosophy: We want to make you feel intimately connected with our environment; having the ultimate freedom of movement, to enjoy Greek hospitality in its most complete form. Here, the stay begins with a smile.